Minggu, 27 September 2020

Petarung Jiwa

Aku terus berlari dan berlari
Namun hanya berjuta tanya yang mencegah jiwaku sunya
Aku terus bertarung melawan iblis-iblis dalam diriku
Namun berapa kalipun kutumpas, terus bertambah tidak terkuras

Terkadang aku tetap berjuang dengan riang gembira
Namun seringkali aku merasa gelisah merana tak terkira
Segala hal ada pada diriku
Dan arah hidupku hanyalah terus berjibaku

Akulah petarung jiwa
Yang hidup antara tangis dan tawa
Akan kuwujudkan akhir yang indah
Sepahit-manisnya sebaik-baiknya kisah
Aku yakin dan pasrah pada Tuhan
Sang Maha Pengatur Kehidupan

16-27 September 2020

Kamis, 30 Juli 2020

RottExpr & Rott94: A Small Insight of (and a Small List of Wishes for) 2 New Rise of the Triad Source Ports

    The 90's classic first-person shooter Rise of the Triad has not seen many new source ports being developed to support it. With Kaiser indirectly saying that RoTT EX is cancelled and people still waiting for 3DGE and ECWolf developers to add support for RoTT, all hope that the game will receive any modern source port seems to be lost.

Sabtu, 25 Juli 2020


Ketika dunia terasa berpaling dariku
Aku rindu masa-masa kesendirian
Yang tak pernah memusuhiku dalam keadaan apapun
Aku rindu menyepi
Mengalirkan rasa secara alamiah
Tanpa harus memaksa diri menahan aliran itu.

Namun oh Tuhan, aku tahu bahwa tak semua
Yang kulakukan di saat menyepi
Adalah hal baik
Aku tahu ada di antara hal itu
Yang tak boleh sering kuumbar
Maka ampunilah aku, ampunilah, ampunilah.

Adalah masalah rasa dan hasrat
Sama halnya dengan berkumpul
Dengan menyepi, hatiku utuh

Yogyakarta, 25 Juli 2020

Senin, 18 Mei 2020

DarkXL/XL Engine Now Resurrected as the Force Engine

Anyone who has been into the world of PC game source ports may have remembered the rather ambitious DarkXL source port, which later became the XL Engine family encompassing Star Wars: Dark Forces, as well as Outlaws (another game with Lucasarts' own Jedi engine), Daggerfall, and Blood. After years of having become a vaporware, the original author Lucius has finally decided to reboot the source port as the more appropriately named Force Engine. Unlike the previous attempt, the Force Engine focuses only on the first two games, which use the Jedi engine.

As is the case of the earlier DarkXL and OutlawsXL, the Force Engine attempts to reverse-engineer the original games' executable and rebuild the code for more modern systems, ultimately allowing the original games and their mods to be fully playable. Besides a more modern, intuitive UI and control schemes, as well as support for higher resolutions, it also comes with built-in tools such as a level editor that also promises flexibility for modders alike.

It needs to be noted that the project is still in a pre-release state. Instead of directly continuing where the XL Engine left off, the Force Engine is a complete rewrite with more emphasis on accuracy. Lucius has even set up a roadmap plan of further public releases and progress. However, should these plans be achieved earlier, they promise a decent chance of an earlier release. Intended to be open source once the project goes public, there will also be cross-platform and multiplayer supports.

Current test build: 0.01.003 (64-bit Windows only, at least Windows 7 and OpenGL 3.3) 

Selasa, 12 Mei 2020

InDOOMnesia: Two new excellent non-Doom source ports by the DOOM fandom

Ever since the release of DOOM source code in 1997, the fandom has been thriving in extensive programming excellence. Not only has this spawned the well-known "can it run DOOM?" meme with the portability of Classic Doom games (if something has a processor, it can, and will, run DOOM), this also continues to give birth to various other gaming projects.

Recently, the Raze source port for several Build engine games (Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, Redneck Rampage, etc.), based on GZDoom and other Build engine source ports, has attracted many Build engine game fans for its quality-of-life features. In this post, I will discuss two another non-Doom source ports developed by the fellow people of DOOM fandom.

Kamis, 07 Mei 2020

Bintang Kehidupan (生命の星) - 歌詞和訳してみた

歌手:Nike Ardilla
作詞:Deddy Dores
作曲:Deddy Dores

和訳 :The Fiery Wind


Jenuh aku mendengar (もう聞き疲れた)
Manisnya kata cinta (その甘い愛言葉)
Lebih baik sendiri (一人ぼっちほうがいい)

Bukannya sekali (一度だけじゃなくて)
Seringku mencoba (愛してみた)
Namun ku gagal lagi (けれど失敗し続けた)

Mungkin nasib ini (この運命は)
Suratan tanganku (あたりまえ与えでしょ)
Harus tabah menjalani (強くならなきゃ)

Jauh sudah langkahku (歩みは遠く)
Menyusuri hidupku (人生を歩いた)
Yang penuh tanda tanya (問題にいっぱいの人生)

Kadang hati bimbang (時々心わからぬ)
Menentukan sikapku (どんな決定にする)
Tiada tempat mengadu (文句の場所がない)

Hanya iman di dada (胸に信仰だけ)
Yang membuatku mampu (能力を与えて)
Slalu tabah menjalani (強くなれる)

Malam malam aku sendiri (一人ぼっちの夜)
Tanpa cintamu lagi oh..oh ho..ho (君の愛がなければ あー あー)
Hanya satu keyakinanku (ひとことだけ信じてる)
Bintang kan bersinar (生命の星がどこかで)
Menerpa hidupku (人生に輝く)
Bahagia kan datang ..oh oh (幸せがくる あーあー)

Selasa, 31 Desember 2019

Crime Scene: Gloom (Part 1)

Ever since I started dwelling into retro games, I've always been fascinated in the Sega Saturn. Even although considered a flop by many, it has garnered a cult following within Sega fans. Then again, how can you say no to a console with two CPU's? Well yeah, its architecture is way, way too complicated that it caused many third-party developers to turn their back away in favor of the more successful and easier-to-program competitor PSX, but the console still has big potential. However, I am here not to talk about the console itself, but my experience with one of its games.